Musical Road

Music has always been a part of life that played the central character with ease and comfort. Individuals tend to look towards music whenever they feel like and that is ace 4d live all the time. The type of artists that influence an individual tends to talk a lot about their character and the way they witness life. On a similar note, if music is the central character, then travelling can be considered as a supporting artist. So, you need to blend both these elements and make the most out of everything. Hence, here are a few suggestions.

A Horse With No Name, America

A song is meant to project meaning and capture your soul during the process, and there is no better way of describing this classic from America. “A Horse With No Name” talks about the journey and the way it shapes things during the course of life. Listening to this classic will hit the right chords as your trip turns out to be a memorable one.

Hotel California, Eagles

Legends have always known to make things that last for eternity, and they never get old. Eagles are those legends and “Hotel California” is one song that will live on forever. The tunes that combine the likes of Vince Gill and Randy Meisner is naturally going to turn out to be the best, and the road is the perfect place to crank it up.

Dream On, Aerosmith

The voice of Steven Tyler is not something that you want to miss. The iconic frontman of Aerosmith has the right vocals that combine with a perfect solo from Joe Perry. With all its unique elements, “Dream On” is one of the best songs that help you insert the feeling of travelling in a way to achieve your dreams. Hence, you need to start making a playlist.

Californication, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Although it is pretty hard to choose one song from Red Hot Chili Peppers (since they’re all so good), “Californication remains on the top. A song that was considered to be their comeback topped all kinds of lists, and the results were deserving. Their lyrics combine numerous elements and honesty is one of them.

Sweet Child O’ Mine, Guns n’ Roses

Have you ever heard a song and immediately felt like you were dreaming? Well, that is the kind of vibe that “Sweet Child O’ Mine generates. This all-time classic by Guns n’ Roses takes you on a journey, as you will play it on a loop. The solo towards the end by Slash, further states the fact why the man is considered to be one of the best guitarists of all time. As you go across fields and valleys, Axl Rose’s vocals tend to follow you.


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